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Workshop Services

FREE Health check/repair asessment*

(*prior to Service/Repair with us)

Basic Service   £35.00 

Frame & Fork Inspected for Damage

Brakes Checked & Adjusted

Gears Checked, Adjusted & Lube

All Fixings Checked & Adjusted

Wheels Inspected & Tyres Inflated to Correct Pressure


Full Service   £59.00  

Frame & Fork Wiped Down & Inspected for Damage

Seatpost & Stem Removed & Re-Greased

Brakes Checked & Adjusted

Gears Checked, Adjusted & Lube

New Chain & Sprockets Fitted (If Required)

All Fixings Checked & Adjusted

Hubs Checked & Adjusted

Wheels Trued

Tyres Inflated to Correct Pressure


Premium Service    £89.00             

Everything Included in the Medium Service Plus:

Headset Removed, Greased & Re-Fitted

Bottom Bracket Removed, Greased & Re-Fitted

Hubs Stripped, Greased & Re-Assembled


Please note;

Inner cables included in Full & Premium service, All other parts needed will be charged at cost, this will be advised in advance of commencement of service check


Very Dirty Bicycles will incur an extra charge of £10.00 before we can carry out a service  

E-Bike Full Service and Diagnostic check      £95.00

as per bicycle full service

with all electrical components checked

Sensors & connections, wiring

Motor & controller

Battery Health check

Full written report

E-Bike Conversions

Mid drive conversion

mounted in Bottom Bracket Bafang 8FUN   BBS01b  36v-250w to 350w supply & fit from  750  (no battery)

                                                   Bafang 8FUN   BBS02b 48v-250w to 750w supply & fit from  850  (no battery) 

                                                   Bafang 8FUN   BBSHD  48v-1000w              supply & fit from  950  (no battery)


YOSE Power Hub drive motor front wheel  36 or 48v  250 to 350w           supply & fit from  350  (no battery)

Bafang/YOSE Power Hub drive motor Rear wheel  36 or 48v  250 to 1000w  supply & fit from 450 (no battery)

Battery prices vary depending on fitment, type, size and capacity required, please enquire

Full Frame Strip down, Re-Build & Polish - from £240

Everything included in the Full Service plus full parts clean & polishing to a showroom finish


Pricing for other jobs (excluding parts unless stated)

Bike health check                                                                                  Free

Childs Bike Service (no gears)                                                           20.00

Bicycle Full Valet cleaning, degreasing, polish & Wax glaze       30.00

Cable brake service                                                                            12.00 per brake (incl. inner cable)
                                                                                                                15.00 per brake (incl. inner & outer)
Hydraulic brake service                                                                     30.00 both brakes incl. bleed  (incl. fluid) 

Replace Brake pad/shoes (per brake)                                          from 10.00 

Gears service                                                                                      20.00 rear Derailleur (incl. inner cable)

                                                                                                              15.00 front Mech (incl. inner cable)

Drivetrain clean & Lube                                                                    15.00 

Inner tube / tyre replacement                                                         10.00   (tube/tyre not included)   
Inner tube / tyre replacement (hub gear)                                     20.00

Slime anti puncture treatment x2 supplied & fitted                     25.00 

Wheel true/tension/rear dish (per wheel)                                    15.00

         Spoke replacement up to 3 spokes £1.70 per spoke 

Hub servicing/bearing replacement (per wheel)                         15.00  (incl. loose bearings) 

Tubeless conversion (incl. kit)                                                          45.00 

Headset service / replacement                                                      18.00  (loose bearings included)

F Suspension Lower leg fork service                                             22.00 

Chain & cassette fit                                                                            10.00 

Accessory fitting small                                                             from     5.00 

                               large                                                               from     8.00 (free if purchased from us)

Brake lever fit and setup                                                                   10.00

Disc brake rotor true & clean                                                             8.00


Fitting of hydraulic Disc brake conversion Front & rear              45.00

Gear shifter fit                                                                                      10.00 

Handlebar re tape                                                                              10.00 (tape not included)

Crank replacement                                                                            10.00

Spindle replacement                                                                         15.00

Gear hanger replacement                                                                  5.00 

Gear hanger alignment check                                                           5.00

Bottom bracket service/fitted                                                         20.00 

Bike box builds (online purchased)                                                 35.00 as Basic service

Bottom Bracket Shell facing & chase                                             15.00

Head tube reaming                                                                            10.00

Fork (threaded) chase                                                                        10.00

Seat post tube reaming                                                                      8.00

Facing for Headset/fork crown                                                        15.00

Bicycle Restoration & Custom Builds                                               POA

Please enquire if what you need is not listed

Other work not covered in our workshop Menu pricing will be at our ½ Hourly rate of £20 (unless specified otherwise).


Regular bike servicing is essential, not only will servicing ensure a safer and better ride, but it also extends the operating life of key components such as gears and brakes.

We offer a Basic, Intermediate and Full service along with any repair work needed, a simple menu-pricing system and will always give you a clear price before doing any work commences.

We service all makes and types of bikes and offer a bike assembly and safety check service for bikes purchased online.

We also service children’s bikes in advance of Cycling Training/proficiency tests.

We generally recommend that your bike is serviced every 6-12 months depending on use/mileage, daily commuter bikes should be serviced every 3-6 months, bikes used less frequently normally serviced every 12 months.

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