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Tube fitting guide

Tubes are basically a balloon that will expand to suit various size tyres, the sizes of tubes vary according to wheel and tyre size, though some tubes can be used in most cases for other sizes EXAMPLE: a 28" slim is suitable for 700x28-32c and also 27"x1-1/4" etc.

Size marking on tubes may indicate imperial, metric and/or the etrto size, this will give you an indication to compatibility.

Fitting Tips

Before fitting a new tube after a puncture, thoroughly & carefully inspect the outer tyre tread and inner of the tyre for the original cause of the punture that may be still stuck in the tyre, this could be a thorn, glass, nail or screw, so be cautious when you do this as the sharp object may cause injury to your hand, preferably wear a protective glove, also check the wheel rim for any damage, especially around the inner rim where the tyre bead will locate and the rim tape that covers the spoke nipple ends is intact and is in place correctly.

Slightly inflate the tube so that it forms its cylindrical shape, this helps the tube to sit comfortably within the tyre casing and also reduces the chance of you nipping the tube when fitting the tyre to the wheel.

(it will also reduce slightly in size if it initially looked too big).

Carefully refit the tyre & tube to the wheel rim, if possible, without the use of tyre levers, if you need to use levers be careful not to pinch the tube, if a tyre is paticularly a tight fit, check that you have not over inflated the tube, if you have, let some air escape from the valve,  you can also use a little washing up liquid to help lubricate tyre bead fitting over the wheel rim.

Take your time as there is nothing more annoying than causing another tube punture due to over zelous force.


3 Once you have refitted the tyre to the wheel, slowly inflate the tube checking regularly that the tyre is correctly and equally seated to the rim of the wheel, if it is not seating correctly you can sometimes coax tyre to seat by bouncing it on the floor or letting some air out of the valve and reinflating.

Presta or threaded Shreader valves with locking nuts should be loose while fitting your tyre as this will cause the tyre to not seat properly.

Once correctly seated the tube can be pumped to the required operating pressure as defined by your tyre (normally marked somwhere on the tyre).

You can now tighten any locking nuts on valves if fitted.

Check your tyre pressures regurly, under inflated or over inflated tyres are a cotributing cause of puntures!

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