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About us at BBW

Welcome to Bike Barn workshop, we are a small family run rural workshop dedicated to Repairing, refurbishing, restoring and recycling old and previously owned bicycles and E bike conversions.

There are Hundreds of perfectly reusable Bicycles in the UK waiting for new life to be breathed upon them, we take the Old School approuch to stripping, cleaning, repairing and then recommisioning from the frame up by hand in most cases, like things used to be made, from the unique Vintage handbuilt bike to the more mundane budget offerings.


There are so many reasons to give these bicycles a new life, financial, Envioromental, preservation of past designs, we could go on, but if you are on our site and reading this, you probabably are already like minded.

There is nothing better than riding a Classic or Retro bicycle, with all its History and character on show, Fun to ride and a real conversation piece and of course doing your bit for the Envioroment, by reducing Landfill waste.

Some of our Vintage Steel offerings are 50 years plus and with a little TLC will be rolling for another 50 years, how many cheap throwaway bikes will stand this test of time, not worth repairing or just plain rubbish!


We do endeavor though to roll with the times and now have limited offerings of pre-owned E bikes and our own custom built cargo bikes, built to order.

At Bike Barn workshop our passion and devotion to rebuilding and refurbishing Vintage and more modern bicycles is insatiable, we live and love what we do, every Bicycle has its own unique History, most Vintage bicycle makers are long gone, so these cycles are never to return unless given a new life, whether a old Steel Raleigh or a Handbuilt lightweight, they all deserve their place in cycling History, lets not let them dissapear into the landfill abyss!


We also refurbish more modern offerings and try to keep these to a family budget for the juniors, who lets face it, before you know it they are looking for the next size up and have out grown that 24" wheel you only purchased a year ago!

 So Please take a look at our refurbished and restored Bicycles, we are sure there is something for every cyclist or contact us and let us know what you are looking for, we have many more bicycles in stock waiting for us to breath new life into them. 

We now do E~Bike conversions, converting  your existing bicycle to electric pedal assist can be so much cheaper than buying a new E-bike and especially if you are more than happy with it, we can bring it into the electric era, please enquire with your requirements and if your bicycle is suitable for conversion, most are......please drop us a line with maybe a picture of your bicycle to;

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