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1970 Raleigh Sprite Restoration

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

Rare find this, Raleigh Sprite i thought were the domain of US export by Raleigh, but considering this was a completely different model compared to the US spec Sprite that have flat bars and pretty much run of the mill components, i was a little surprised.

From what i have researched (Sheldon Brown thank you) this was a Nottingham built for UK market using Gran sport frames from earlier vintage, (possibly).

Though not top line 5 speed Campy components, they were a nice alternative to Suntour, though in my opinion no Better.

The Sprite was acquired from the original from new owner, who had had the bike for the last 40 years, though languishing in his garage for the last 35 of them (sounds familiar).

So began a full stripdown to bare frame, which we would do in any case whether we were to refinish the paint or not.

The Original graphics were photographed and sent to H Lloyd Cycles for reproduction of decals, Great job as always.

So begun preping frame and forks for primer, silver mettalic undrcoat and candy red top coat, new graphics applied and sealed with 4 coats of laquer to finish.

Now my favourite part, building back up with new bearings, cables, clips, polished parts etc.

Stand back and admire your hard graft, all in all very pleased with end result, though i still would of prefered to keep original patina.

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